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Finally all the test is over de.... I loving it.... So so happy lah although still one more moral test ....
Now in this university all the student is busy in their study.... coz their exam is next week lol... us one on end of november.....
Wish u all good luck in ur final exam ya!!!!!

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Long time didnt touch my blog already..... Just wanna to say hi n ask how r u to my blog n the visitors..... i'm now study in UTP is already 3 months.... Now already adapted to tis new enviroment.... nn start to busy in my study again.....
Although the life here is quite busy but i quite enjoy lol..... coz we might not hav tis kind of crazy life if we r in undergraduate or graduate....
OK..... Let me introduce my University 1st... "dang Dang Dang Dang"...
Name: University Teknologi Petronas
Add: Tronoh, Perak
tel: haha... dun ask me
Course offered: enginnering course n IT n BIS

Secondly is bout me....... "Chiang Chiang Chiang Chiang"
Name..... u know lah, dun need introduce one

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Q 1:什麼星座的人最情緒化?
第 1名 處女座 1,573 票 17% 第 7名 牡羊座 613 票 6%
第 2名 巨蟹座 1,021 票 11% 第 8名 金牛座 605 票 6%
第 3名 雙魚座 958 票 10% 第 9名 射手座 598 票 6%
第 4名 雙子座 810 票 8% 第10名 天秤座 559 票 6%
第 5名 天蠍座 792 票 8% 第11名 獅子座 501 票 5%
第 6名 水瓶座 661 票 7% 第12名 魔羯座 364 票 4%

Q 2:什麼星座的人最有異性緣?

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