I stop blogging since 17 of Aug and it is now nearly mid of September. How time flies!
And now i'm here to announce that me,

Zhong Ying is back to blogging world.. *applause*

Why i dint update my blog recently?
Let me tell you the reason:
-Tonnes of assignment and project
-Busy with other stuff
-Final Examination
Conclusion: This is all because of my laziness =)

Ok, stop mumbling on the reasons.
And ya, PEOPLE... I'm back to my blogging world.

Hopefully my laziness wouldn't back n stick with me. =)

What actually happened in this few months?
I guess everyone know the what's going on ...

URPC 2011 aka UTP Research Paper Conference,
it is my only and the last event throughout my academic life.
This event was held on 12/8/2011 in Seminar Rooms UTP.
UTP Research Paper Conference is aimed to enhance the research skills and problem solving skills among the

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS students.
The purposes of this paper conference are as follows:
(a) To encourage students to apply their knowledge to carry out research initiative.
(b) To nurture a new generation that is able to contribute in Research and Development.

Lets have some brief photo view to know more about this conference.

Presentation Time!!!





Award giving ceremony


With our Advisor, Dr. Balbir =)

With the Winner for Best Paper and Best Presenter Award

URPC 2011 family. I'm so proud of you guys and you all did a great job!

And then, what's next
I think i'm gonna talk my academic stuff le.

academic stuff2.jpg

Tonnes of assignment and project.
The 2 weeks before my study week, my life was so miserable.
Coz all assignments and projects have to be finish up within 2 weeks time.




But i managed to finished all on time, as what i mentioned in fb b4. ^^v

And LAST!!!

final exam.jpg   

Today is my last paper in the exam, which means, today,

i'm officially complete my third year first semester studies. It sounds so old =(
But, never mind, as long i have my semester break.
Oh ya, talking about sem break, just wanna to inform you guys,

this 4 month long break is gonna be my 1st LONG and the LAST break i ever had. =(
No more sem break for me, my life is down down down down...

Ok, lets turn back to the topic 1st.
Final examination.
I took 4 papers in this final examination as another subject is fully depend on coursework.
2 of the papers are 100 MCQ question. It sounds easy right?


But it ain't so easy as what you think.

You have only 4 choices to choose with, you don't have any extra alternative, you can't crap on it.
This is the destiny of doing the MCQ question.
For me, it considered good for me as i don't need to squeeze my brain juice and pour it in word form on the papers. *phew*

So, MCQ is the time for me to play counter strike(shot, shot n shot) as i don't know how to play the real one.
Another paper is open-book final exam.

What we can do in this exam?
Of course, C.O.P.Y!!! Copy whatever inside the notes.
And the last one is normal exam where i need to memorize all the thing inside, and crap it out during the exam.


p/s: the lesson i learned from this final is remember to bring a dictionary into exam hall (although it is prohibited). The words in the paper is somehow a bit deep (my eng not so good) and confusing.


Last but not least, I'm here to wish all UTPians, Happy Holidays. See you guy 4 months later. =D

sem break.jpg  

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  • pw~
  • yaaa....DICTIONARY is a MUST! hahaa
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! enjoy yaaaa! xDDD
    last ald ><
  • haha. hope we can bring it in.
    happy holidays =)

    hewzhongying 於 2011/09/14 22:51 回覆

  • Summer-Grace
  • You look soooo pretty at the conference! :D It's so cool that you get to organise events and be the Project Director of it!! You're AWESOME :]] I'm only the Secretary for my Orientation, it's like so lame.

    MCQ IS EASY COMPARED TO SAQ. Well unless you have a lecturer that sets questions that you can't find from the testbook, and the only source is his BRAIN -.-' And open-book exams are EPIC! We don't have it here. I'm jealous :/

    Anyways I'm at Uni finishing up my Stats homework and feeling miserable. So I'm going to get myself a cup of RM2 coffee because I managed to finish it Haha Which I have no idea whether it's correct or not.
  • Darling, its just a super tiny post compare to others. Post is not so important than what you gained fr the event. =)

    Haha. But the probability to get marks is smaller than SAQ (i think). Well, the open-book exam is idea fr our lecturer and we get the right to make the decision whether we wan open or close. Luckily, majority vote for open as none of any eqn is provided.

    haha. my miserable's ended yesterday, and it will be a bright new days for me. hope the coffee would help you

    hewzhongying 於 2011/09/14 22:56 回覆