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  • Hi, I am Tony from Taiwan(Chiayi City, near famous tourist attraction called Alishan(阿里山).
    Very interested in reading your articles and pictures of Bali Island where my father had stayed from more than one year when he was conscripted by the Japan's army for the fatigue jobs during World War II to support the soldiers there. He spent more of his time in Danpasar and the story was written by his Chinese and Japan versions as well.
    Your stories and pictures attract me a lot. Thanks. I hope I can go there to pay a visit.
    Yours Sincerely
    Tony Kuo
  • Thanks alot for your words. Indeed Bali is a very special island with mixture of unique culture, scenery and foods. I would like to visit Bali again if there is a chance in future.
    I never been to Taiwan before, hope i can pay a visit to Taiwan in near future too.


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